Afterform was founded in Kuala Lumpur to be the finest web development partner for Malaysian businesses.

On this page, you will learn about how we work with business owners to grow their brands.

Why We Are Different

Sure, many developers and agencies can draw a logo, put up a webpage, get paid, and call it a day. But at Afterform, we look at the bigger picture. We don’t want to just make a pretty online brochure. We want to develop websites that elevate your brand.

We have the skills and technology. Good design is our nature. But the under-appreciated, most important aspect of them all is effective collaboration. Your insights are priceless in delivering a memorable brand experience.

In order to achieve success together, here is how we will collaboratively work through a six-stage process.

Our Collaboration Journey



It starts with a free, no-commitment consultation session for us to learn as much as we can about your business, marketing strategy, and future plans. This allows us to research, identify your requirements, and prepare a tailored proposal.



Once both of us have a clear scope and target, we will begin to structure your website’s content and functions to best serve your customer’s journey and expectations. This is also known as wireframing.



Your website starts to take shape. We will produce mock-ups of the home page and key templates for your approval. The designs will be refined and improved until you are 100% satisfied excited.



Here comes the bulk of the work. We develop the operational website and populate with real content, provided by you. Next, we will proceed with rigorous optimisations and quality checks in order to deliver the best performance possible.



Finally, we handover the live, completed website to you for an official launching. Go and tell the world about your brand new website. Publicise it on all social media networks. Spam those WhatsApp groups. Maybe host a launch party?



We’re not done yet! We stay with you to help with managing and updating your new website like it is our baby. We ensure all systems are operational and secure. Most importantly, we track how your website contributes to your business goals and adapt to your growth.

Reaching Meaningful Goals

With the process above, we can craft a website that elevates your business in three key areas:

Stands out from your competition
Provides superb customer experience
Inspires higher ambitions

Get to Know Us

Afterform was founded by Nadzim Al-Rash. He has been developing websites since 2000. He is a proud Kuchingnite, engineer (LinkedIn), and husband. Unfortunately, also a kaki bangku, but don’t tell anyone.

When not glued to a computer screen, he enjoys photography (Instagram), hiking, and Formula One. He hates the Comic Sans font.


Afterform develops websites that deliver top-notch aesthetics, performance, and results.

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