We develop mission-focussed website packages carefully tailored to your business goals.


A 3-page minimalist website that invites customers to appreciate your creative works and talent.

Suitable for photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, and bloggers.


A commercial website dedicated to generate leads and revenue. eCommerce capability available.

Suitable for small to medium local businesses and online merchants.


An independent website with full ownership to deploy on your own infrastructure. Integrate with various Enterprise-grade web services and enable access to your development teams.

Suitable for large international companies and eCommerce marketplaces.

All Packages Include:

Customised design

Set yourself apart from the competition with a unique website designed only for you and no one else.

Limitless Catalogue

Show all your works, products, and services and flexibly categorise them to suit various customers how you see fit.

Mobile friendly

Avoid needing a separate website to cater for mobile devices. Your websites would automatically adapt to screen sizes.

Fast Performance

Deliver an optimum browsing experience for your customers with fast load speeds. We only use cloud hosting for the best performance.

Easy Editing

You have the freedom to post updates and make changes to your website using our user-friendly, code-free interface.

Comprehensive Support

Never have to worry about how to manage your website. We will always be there to train and help you.

High Visibility

Get ranked higher in search engines. Your website will closely follow Google’s requirements and the best SEO practices.

Insightful Reports

Understand your user trends to better plan for your business. We provide your web metrics and analytics in an easily understandable monthly report.

Strong Security

We implement various security measures in different levels. SSL, DDoS protection, and 2FA logins are included.

Robust Backups

If your website is down, we can quickly restore it from full backups. Backups are replicated across the local servers, external servers, and physical drives for redundancy.

Long-term Scalability

Avoid having to start over when your business grows. Your website would be highly scalable to accommodate new features and more visitors.

Upgrade Anytime

You can upgrade to Business or Corporate plans anytime to suit your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are domains included?

We encourage the best practice that businesses should own their domain. While we do not provide domains, we are happy to assist you throughout the registration process.

Is web hosting included?

Yes, we provide web hosting for Portfolio and Business packages. To ensure optimum performance and security, we exclusively use top-of-the-line cloud hosting. Hosting is not included for Corporate package but we are happy to assist you throughout the set up process.

Do you provide business email hosting?

We encourage the best practice to separate email hosting from web hosting. While we do not provide business email, we are happy to assist you throughout the set up process.

What do you use to develop websites?

To provide you with the best versatility, we generally develop using eCommerce capability is provided via WooCommerce.

What are the storage and bandwidth limitations?

We want your website to deliver its goals. We don’t impose any limitations on storage and bandwidth as long as it aligns with the goals of your website.

Do I receive full rights to my website?

For Portfolio and Business packages, we build your website on our infrastructure to deliver and maintain a high level of performance and security while optimising costs – passing the savings on to you. Due to licensing limitations, we provide you limited exclusive rights to your website. You can upgrade to the Corporate package anytime for full rights and ownership.

Are there other costs to build my website?

You would need to purchase a domain before launching your website. Third-party costs for plugins, services, fonts, images, videos, and more may apply but free options are also available. For eCommerce, there will be transaction fees (and sometimes yearly fees) imposed by your payment gateway provider. For the Corporate package, you will also be responsible for hosting and server management.